Jo has worked with me regularly for around 9 months now. Over the journey (so far) she has helped me find myself on a number of levels. As a result I am at peace with myself, more present and have let baggage go that I have carried throughout my life. My physical health is better, I’m more relaxed and am making clearer and conscious decisions in all aspects of my life. Jo is passionate about making a difference by helping her clients reach their full potential; she is professional, caring and approachable. You won’t regret taking the first step of organising an appointment with Jo.
— General Stress Management, Senior Executive (47)
My daughter (now 4.5 yo) has had severe eczema since she was 6 months old. It was not unusual to find blood stains on her bed sheets from excessive scratching over night. We tried absolutely everything including Chinese herbal medicine and putting bandages to prevent her from scratching. I didn’t know much about kinesiology, but I first heard about it from a mother at a playground who mentioned about muscle test to find food intolerance. I like Jo because she said “Our body should be strong enough to process a certain level of stress without it turning into physical symptom”. Whilst there are a number of books out there suggesting strict elimination diet, it was refreshing to hear that her approach is to find the core reason why our body is not functioning at an optimal level. My daughter had 2 sessions with her. Her skin has never been better.🙏
— Chronic Eczema, Analyst (on her 4 year old daughter)
My appointment with Jo was my first experience of Kineseology and I had no idea what to expect. I went with an open mind but was not sure how it would help me. I was quite amazed! Jo picked up on some specific things in my past and on how I am holding on to some negative emotions. I left feeling very calm and relaxed (I didn’t want the session to end!) I know that on going treatment will help me and look forward to my next session. I particularly LOVED the chimes. Wow. Thanks so much Jo.
— General Stress Management, Web Developer & Business Owner (49)
I just had a kinesiology session with the lovely Jo and I left feeling like I had a complete emotional and spiritual detox! You can tell from the get-go she knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s so informed, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great kinesiologist to balance their emotional and physical body! Her clinic space is also really comfortable too and great being in a central location in Crows Nest 😊🧡 Thanks Jo!
— Improve general physical and emotional wellbeing, Executive Assistant (30)
Kinesiology with Jo is magical!... I have learnt so much about myself... Thank you Jo, I am excited to continue this journey with you.
— Social Anxiety, Naturopath & Nutritionist (33)
I didn’t know much about Kinesiology before I meant I met Jo Wong. I have had four sessions of Kinesiology with Jo and I still don’t know much about it. But I do know that in those four sessions I have become relieved of some very long-standing conditions in my mind and body. I am 69 years old and, like most people my age, suffer from chronic conditions. I have tried many healing modalities over the years to try and find relief for conditions that have plagued me for many years. The relief came from Jo. She has relieved me from something chronic in every session, even one thing that had been with me from a very early age.
— Chronic Pain, Retired Homeopath (69)
I had pain in my right hip, through a series of gentle touches, I left the session feeling like a butterfly, more importantly the pain went diminishing day by day.
— Hip pain, Business Owner (49)
Jo has helped me tremendously throughout my pregnancy! I had lots of anxiety especially since I had two miscarriages prior. Even though we are miles apart (I’m from the states), the remote sessions with Jo helped me release negative energy and worries. Jo has also helped my baby release her anxiety to better prepare her for the life she is about to embark! I’m forever grateful for Jo and her work! She is truly a miracle worker :).
— Anxiety and carry over stress to baby, Pharmacist (40)
I was pleasantly surprised that over the course of the next few weeks, I was calm in the face of events that would normally elicit an anxious reaction from me.
— Anxiety, Economist (29)
After reading many fantastic reviews about Joanne I decided to book an appointment to see her about my anxiety and self-thoughts. After the first session with Joanne I walked out feeling like a weight had been lifted and throughout the following weeks found a massive improvement in myself and my moods. Jo is an amazing therapist with a warm presence and I highly recommend her.
— Anxiety, Childcare (24)
I’ve had the pleasure of undergoing kinesiology therapy with Jo in a moment of stress and emotional instability in my life. Being a rational and logical person, I initially approached kinesiology with a bit of suspicion and disbelief, but the very first session with Jo made me quickly change my mind: the morning after the first treatment I woke up feeling different, positive and energetic, as if Jo had done something to my inner self and opened or liberated the channels inside me that had been subconsciously stuck for some time. I certainly was not expecting that to happen after the first kinesiology session. Excited about the outcome, I also brought along my father for a treatment, as at the time he was suffering of sciatica and chronic lower back pain. In his case too and despite his reluctance, the sciatica was gone the next day. Thank you Jo!
— Emotional Pain, Senior Software Engineer (36)
My sessions with Jo have been self-empowering & transformational. Jo has been gentle & so precise in connecting me with my own inner knowledge about the negative emotional & thought patterns laid down in my childhood. From there we were able to change those old patterns in to new healthy nurturing ones. I am so thankful & so relieved. You are in great hands with Jo!
— Childhood Trauma, Massage Therapist (45)
I started seeing Jo a few months ago and could not recommend her more highly to others. Jo creates a warm, inviting and safe space for you to be open and vulnerable all while remaining professional. I have benefited from her practice since my very first session, and appreciate how she ensures I understand what we’re discussing. Thank you Jo!
— Endometriosis, Executive Assistant (28)
I’d like to write something to show my appreciation of Jo’s practice which has helped me immensely. I’m a psychotherapist and my husband is a homeopath - we’ve had a lot of interface with many practitioners. Jo’s practice is unique in that it marries kinesiology with the Chinese template for how energy moves in the body and what relevance the various points on the meridians have in relationship to well-being, both physical and emotional. Obviously, I’m not an expert in her practice but I’ve studied some aspects of Chinese Feng Shui and astrology. Jo has an amazing system for diagnosis, yet she does not impose her understanding upon you in a disrespectful way, but helps you understand yourself what is going on in your body as well as easing pain and discomfort. Her treatments gave me all round relief - she is well trained, wise and intuitive in the most unpretentious way. I feel very grateful to have her support.
— Physical and Emotional Discomfort, Psychotherapist (70)
I’ve always had skin issues since my childhood and I’ve been managing the condition with topical cream. Things got out of control one day and I reached out to alternative therapy out of desperation. I’m so glad I found Jo! She explained how unprocessed emotions have impact on our health. I was shocked how precise she is. After only two sessions with her, I started seeing improvements and my body and mind feels so much lighter. I wish I found her earlier.
— Eczema, Accountant (37)
I had the good fortune to meet Jo Wong on an Aryuvedic retreat in Bali we were both attending. When we met I’d been having a persistent and ongoing headache for about 3 weeks due to a variety of factors. I had also been to acupuncture, a chiropractor, was managing stress actively and having regular massages. After I briefly sharing my problem, Jo was able to provide me some advice. When I followed it, within literally 5 minutes my headache finally alleviated for the first time in weeks! A huge relief you can imagine! Jo was able to pinpoint this treatment which I was able to follow in the following days and not have the damn headache. While I don’t fully understand kinesiology it doesn’t really matter. I’ve had a lot of experience with variety of modalities and practitioners throughout my life and around the world and found Jo to be a lovely, non judgemental and very generous human spirit who has true gift to facilitate healing within people. She also seems to have a passion and generosity to help others unconditionally which is as a positive healing vibe in itself.

As Jo brings her gifts more widely and visibly into this world, I highly recommend you inquire into her services. Especially if you’re feeling stuck with something. I wish her all the best and thanks for helping me <3
— Chronic Headache, CEO (43)
I had the pleasure of having my first ever sessions with Jo. She is such a caring a nurturing soul with so much knowledge. From the moment the session began to the follow up calls a few days after, I really felt that she cared about my progress. I have since visited other kinesiologists out of state and have to say Jo is still the my favorite!
— Anxiety & Depression, Yoga Teacher & Life Coach (33)
If you want to get to know what is going on with you, in your body and in your life. If you want to figure out a way to heal yourself with the help of someone who understands. You’ve found the right person who will help you with that.

Jo is a very compassionate and loving person, with a great knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experience in what she does. She is able to put a mirror in front of you, facing yourself and your difficulties, and most importantly, you’ll be able to find your own solutions and way out in whatever you will go through. One session with her was already enough to create a big change in my life.

The beauty lies in how she combines her passion and professionalism in being your guide and support, and making you realize the answers and solutions are all within yourself. Her vision is something we all can relate to and appreciate so much. I recommend you to allow this beautiful woman to help you, and you will benefit from the experience, wisdom and knowledge not only in these sessions, but it’s something you can take with you for the rest of your life.

So much love to you Jo <3 Hope to see you soon again!
— Family Relationship Stress, Holistic Yoga and Lifestyle Coach (24)
Jo’s open heart, intuition and knowledge played a vital role in my body’s self healing process.
I’ve experienced many transformations since seeing Jo, with negativity disappearing. She brings beautiful intuition and equanimity to her sessions which completely allows your body to surrender and be true to itself. I highly recommend this extraordinary human being to heal you, for whatever is needed, big or small.
— Parenting Stress, Packaging Professional (33)
I don’t know much about kinesiology and wanted to give it a shot. I have chronic pains on my upper back shoulder which impacts on my neck. I get a regular 1.5hr or 2hrs massage, sees Chiro and or Physio and often use heat cream to make it bearable. I’ve also recently been suffering constipation irrespective of how much fruit I eat that is great for digestive system. So I went to Jo. I just told her I have pains on my upper back. So she started explaining what she’s about to do to establish the source of my issue. So I just relaxed as directed and closed my eyes with an open mind. Strangely enough, Jo found the main spot of my back pain and started explaining that my metal element is out of balance and something to do with how I communicate with my love ones. Didn’t made much sense to me but when she asked if I’m constipated and mentioned my large intestine all connected to the metal element not in sync with the rest of my elements made me more focus and interested. So Jo tried to do a healing on my back and I can’t believe I felt this relieving great blood flow rush from my back right through my brain as she quietly tried to do healing on me. I usually get these sensation when a great masseuse worked so hard on my back and makes a huge difference and relaxes all my muscles and makes me feel good. Anyways because it was only a short trial session I wish then that my session was even longer! However, I had to go and meet my husband. OMG...! I was so relaxed when I got to the cafe as if I just had a 2hr massage and I felt very good and very positive! I also woke up the following day feeling so good and my mindset is like a gem. I forgot to mention that I did go to the toilet last night and had one this afternoon! Would I go back and see Jo again, yes I would. In fact, I’m seeing her for a longer session for my next appointment. I would highly recommend her. If you are cynical, I suggest you try it with an open mind before you make your own judgement.
— Chronic Muscular Tension, Executive Assistant (48)