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, pronounced 'zhi’, is a Chinese notion that conveys the human capacity to set aims, intuitively determine the right course of action and to persist in a resolve.

Independently, the character, , or ‘shi’ means warrior. A warrior does not fight to win, (s)he already stands in victory and every action is taken for the good of the kingdom.

, pronounced ‘xīn’, has a literal translation of heart. Additionally, in Daoist teachings and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart or meridian represents the doorway to faculties of perception and cognition that are unaffected by our emotions and egoic desires. It helps us to initiate actions that are congruent with our truest and highest path.

When we start to access faculties beyond our five senses, we see with clarity that a greater universal force is at work, constantly guiding us towards our destiny.

I was beyond words and in awe on how accurate is Jo’s work in tapping into my subconsciousness
— TCM Acupuncturist & Herbalist , 36
I’m buzzing. Feeling the best I have felt in such a long time emotionally and energetically.
— Naturopathy Student, 24
This is really powerful and important work; I have experienced some significant shifts since I started having treatments with Jo. Don’t think twice, book in a session.
— Lawyer, 44

Zhi Holistic Kinesiology

黃頌茵, Joanne Wong

Dual Dip. Holistic Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine, College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney Australia

BSc (Hons) Food Science & Technology, UNSW

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