The Root of Dis-ease


Disease vs Dis-ease




noun: Disorder affecting the physical structure and/or function in human, animal or plant.


/dɪs iːz/

noun: Feeling of agitation and disturbance, absence of comfort. Dis-ease encompasses much more than just the structure and function of an organism. We can experience dis-ease of the mind in the form of anxiety, overwhelm and depression. There is dis-ease of the spirit when we feel unfulfilled, discontentment and lacking purpose.

To become a true master of our wellbeing, it is more important than ever for us to understand that dis-ease, which includes disease, arises whenever there is incongruity between who we truly are inside and how we express ourselves in the world.

This may sound like I am placing less importance on diet and lifestyle but it all starts in the mind. When there is a positive mental shift in the way we perceive ourselves, we make better decisions about what to put in our bodies, what environment we expose ourselves to and we create routines that are all-round more supportive and nurturing of our wellbeing.

Challenging and overwhelming times in our lives presents opportunities for profound transformations.

Challenging and overwhelming times in our lives presents opportunities for profound transformations.


Beyond Modern Medicine


Modern medicine is immensely powerful and necessary in helping us overcome physical traumas and life-threatening emergencies but we are forgetting our own capacity to heal. What’s more, it is possible for us to heal on levels far beyond just the physical structure and function of the body. Regardless of the nature of stress; be it physical, mental or emotional, always remember that there’s a natural propensity for our being to return to a state of harmony. Our job is to create the right conditions for it to thrive again.

Unfortunately, instead of being taught to connect inwardly to resolve our physical and emotional stress, we are strongly encouraged to exercise our habitual dependency on 'band-aiding’ all our ailments. “Take this pill to alleviate your anxiety”, “remove this organ that seems to be causing you pain but performs no biological function”, “try going on the pill to help manage your breakouts”.

In addition to wreaking havoc on our body’s naturally intelligent systems of balance and control, it also takes us further away from understanding our True Nature.

Adjusting one chemical pathway in our body can affect many others.


Enhancing your Well-being with Kinesiology


The power and elegance of kinesiology and mind body medicine is that it can quickly and precisely pinpoint the unique conditions to bring about healing for the individual. Often this is referred to as the goal, or what I prefer to call, your target state of being. From there, it is simply a process of working with you to identify and dissolve the stressors that are hindering you from living in this state to allow profound healing to take place.

The number of sessions required to clear the stress surrounding a particular issue will vary and depends on the client’s readiness to explore the deeper part of their psyche which is not always comfortable. However, I have found that most clients experience a noticeable shift after three sessions. Some have experienced major shifts after one session.

Eliminating the stress and re-balancing your nervous system prompts the body to tailor-manufacture the perfect chemicals at the perfect dose, creating the perfect conditions for your body to rest, digest and heal.


“Your nervous system is the greatest pharmacist in the world.”

- Dr. Joe Dispenza