Getting the Most Out Of Your Session


This modality is for you if:

  • you are ready to take full responsibility and accountability for the quality of your life and wellbeing.

  • you sense that there is a deeper underlying cause to your chronic and/or recurring health issues.

  • you understand that the revelations and insights from your body often resides at a sub-conscious level and some may not be instantly obvious to you.

  • you are opened to trusting that the body always know the priority in which blockages should to be addressed for your highest good.

  • you recognise that subtle changes to your energy flows starts taking place from your very first session and will continue over the ensuing days, weeks and months.

  • you understand that if we are working on a particular issue that has been with you for a long time (years), it may take three to five sessions to clear.

  • you are committed to allowing time to process and integrate the subconscious insights from your sessions to a conscious level.

  • you are ready to remember your Soul’s true calling and live a life of fulfillment, joy and contentment.

  • you allow yourself to completely relax during the session so that balance can be restored with the least resistance from your body.

  • you are ready to SHINE.