Born to be Extraordinary


As I progressed in my studies of the mind and body, it became increasingly apparent that many of the physical and emotional stress that we experience are ways that our innate self communicates to us. Our body-mind system can be seen as the blueprint of our destiny and purpose in this life. It serves as a channel to prompt us to change certain aspects of our lives that are no longer aligned with our best and highest path.

You can say that this ‘blueprint’ is our unique constitution. It can influence how susceptible we are to certain physical manifestations and psycho-emotional triggers. When we become in tune with our body and consciously address the root cause of our constitutional disharmonies we experience long-lasting and transformational shifts across all areas of our lives. True healing occurs when we embrace self-responsibility and begin to reconcile the symptoms with recurring thought patterns, reactions, emotions and attitudes.

As we regain balance across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, we clear away blockages that prevents us from living to our greatest potential.

How do we know what our constitution is?